Brenda Liddiard & Martha Louise


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Brenda & Martha at Rafters Music Club, Auckland, July 2019

Photo: Linda Robinson

Award-winning singer/songwriters, Brenda Liddiard and Martha Louise have been friends for many years, and have occasionally played together in different groupings around the folk/acoustic scene. They have recently begun performing as a duo, providing instrumentation and harmony vocals for each other’s songs. They both play guitar, and Martha plays Appalachian dulcimer and rhythm mandolin, while Brenda plays lead mandolin. Having grown up in different parts of the world, they bring a unique mix of flavours to their combined performances.

Since coming to New Zealand in the 70's Martha has collaborated with many others, in groups such as Gentle Annie, The Broccoli Sisters, Late Harvest, Too far Gone and Martha and the Back Seat Drivers. Her live performances have been an opportunity to share her stories, with strong vocals, a rhythmic instrumental style, and words and music that come from the heart. Her recording, Mixed Feelings, was a finalist in the New Zealand Music Awards Best Folk Album in 1985, and she was NZCMA Entertainer of the Year for Songwriting in 1999.

Martha Louise writes tender songs that will tug at your heart strings - songs of home, of family, of love, of life – and witty, humorous songs that will tickle your funny bone.A concert spot by Martha Louise is one not to be missed.” 

Tricia Lee

Titirangi Folk Club

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Brenda has been writing songs and playing guitar and mandolin since the 1970’s. She grew up in England, but moved to Australia in 1974, where she was involved in the environment and anti-nuclear movements, for which she composed and recorded a number of songs. Since the 1980s she has mostly performed and toured with husband, Mark Laurent throughout NZ, Australia and the UK. Brenda's song, For The River won the Australasian region award in the United Nations Asia/Pacific Environmental Song Festival (Bangkok, 1988). Her solo album, Box of Memories, was a finalist in the New Zealand Music Awards Best Folk Album in 2013.

“It is rare to experience something real, something close to the heart and from the heart”

Fiona Barnett
House Concert Host

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Photo: Mark Laurent

Sunday 14th February

Liddiard & Louise

(and other acts TBA)

Folk in the Park

Devonport Band Rotunda

Victoria Road


Free (bring a picnic)

1 - 4pm

Sunday 30th May

Liddiard & Louise

(and other acts TBA)

Bunker Hill Unplugged

The Bunker

Mt Victoria


$10 at the door



Auckland Folk Festival 2021, Songwriters in the Round

with Barry Saunders and Delaney Davidson

Photo:  Jude Douglas